General Physiotherapy

The way of recovery

Physiotherapy is essential in ensuring good health and wellness after an injury. It is a nonsurgical approach to a variety of chronic and acute symptoms, including headache, shoulder and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, low back pain, sciatica and other conditions that affect well-being and quality of life.

Our staff is highly professional and they have variety of experience in :anatomy, physiology, body systems, disease and injury to give a general but in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and condition. Their further work focuses on body movement, joints, muscles, bones and tendons, as well as diagnostic studies and use of equipment.

How physiotherapy assists with healing

The role of a physiotherapist is to provide health services to assist patients in recovering from disease and injury, in addition to educating and training them in continued awareness of their physical structure and movement in order to maintain health. Physiotherapy Sydney clinic is devoted solely to physiotherapy and rehabilitation through physiotherapy – some of physiotherapy associates may also work in clinics, sports centers, orthopaedic practices, schools, assisted living centers and athletic clubs, which means that they have experience in various fields.

Aims of physiotherapy

One focus of physiotherapy is to restore and sustain mobility after an injury, in aging persons or in treatment of chronic diseases that limit mobility. Increased activity and strength improves overall wellness and frequently reduces the need for medical treatment or hospitalization.

These treatmentsmay include treatment for injuries to knee, ligament, broken bones, tendon and wrist. If you are professional sportiest, we have sports physiotherapy that goes beyond just treatment and teaches the athletes to prevent muscle strain, as well body strengthening exercises. We also offer some programs to teach the science of correctly playing games like golf and tennis with the idea of injury prevention, while helping patients with the recovery at the same time.

Physiotherapy as a cure for stroke attacks

Physiotherapy has also been found to be helpful in treatment of patients with stroke, working on speech and mobility, as well as direction in how to perform activities of daily living. This training is also helpful for family members and other caretakers of stroke victims.